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"In a lot of ways Piper was my Trojan Horse. You’re not going to go into a network and sell a show on really fascinating tales of black women, and Latina women, and old women and criminals. But if you take this white girl, this sort of fish out of water, and you follow her in, you can then expand your world and tell all of those other stories. But it’s a hard sell to just go in and try to sell those stories initially. The girl next door, the cool blonde, is a very easy access point, and it’s relatable for a lot of audiences and a lot of networks looking for a certain demographic. It’s useful."

Jenji Kohan, Orange is the New Black show creator

even the show writers know that piper isnt as interesting

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i love GIRLS and i love when girls LOVE THEMSELVES and i love when girls LOVE OTHER GIRLS and this is so AMAZING 

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long-distance friendships are terrible because you can’t meet up with them whenever you want and hang out on any given day which is why when i’m president i’m relocating the entire human population into a 10,000,000 story skyscraper that also acts as a bridge from earth to the moon which comes with the added benefit of swinging the moon around like a fucking mace, god damn it’s gonna look so cool. what was i talking about

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One of our favorite past pieces for Disney—a hand-carved wooden Snow White Cottage Cuckoo Clock. Jody’s original concept did not include the wooden Snow White cut-out, just the Dwarfs’ cottage, but the Disney merchandise managers insisted that the clock would sell poorly without the character. Maybe they were right but the piece still looked better on its own. We made Snow White an optional “accessory” that could be removed on little wooden pegs, just in case. A small bird pops out of the door every 15 minutes and whistles. The hand-carved faces of the Seven Dwarfs across the bottom are copied directly from the details of the beautiful storybook that opens the motion picture. Oh, and there is a cute little bunny carved into the swinging pendulum! 

The clock was released in 2006 as a limited edition and, of course, sold out.

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